i never run voluntarily so if u ever see me running you should start running too bc something is coming




What does kindness get you? This.


i’m not crying thats just a tree in my eye



those nerds in high school who run like this


in my middle school there was a boy who wanted to be called Sasuke Uchiha and he wore a Sasuke cosplay to school everyday and one day he did this run down the stairs and broke his arm and apparently he told the principle it was the ‘Naruto run’ and then we were all banned from wearing Naruto headbands and doing this run and Naruto was put down as gang activity at our school

The Centauri Chronicles, Book 2, chapter 7

Here are some fun facts about me:

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs.

So the only therapy/mindwipe I get for these awful books are these ‘reviews’.

That, and downing two energy drinks, empty a bag of chocolate chip cookies and run into a wall a few times.


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in the morning with ohhipeskypie

photos by Anna Demarco


hentai is somethin else

i remember when i saw my first hentai

all i could think of was

"why her titty bounce like that"

it intrigued me

to this day

i still wonder

why her titty bounce like that


Melissa May - “Dear Ursula” (WoWPS 2014)

"You, big lady, were the only Disney character who ever looked like me. And while you may not have had the waist line of a princess, I’ll be goddamned if you didn’t have the swagger of a queen."

Performing during prelims at the 2014 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Melissa placed 7th overall in the tournament.


As I discussed in an earlier post, pre-Comics Code comic books are full of fascinating women superheroes who’ve been more or less forgotten in the decades since WWII. Born in the era of Rosie the Riveter, when there was a national campaign to get women into workplaces, these…


i’m not a traditional witch




My way of life.

The only way.

will always appreciate women like this